Wilkommen — Welcome to Gus’ Pretzels!

Gus’ Pretzels is a family-owned and operated business—Gus Jr. is the third generation pretzel baker. To learn more about pretzels, and the history behind Gus’, visit Twisted History.

A visit to Gus’ has become, to a lot of St. Louisians and visitors, a tradition. People have included Gus’ pretzels at their weddings, when a new baby is born, and certainly on trips downtown to the stadium.

Gus’ Pretzels are made fresh daily. They make a great snack or lunch. Frozen varieties can be found in the freezer case at Gus’ and at St. Louis grocery stores.

Gus’ Pretzels can be used for fundraising. For more information visit Fundraising.

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Thanks again for visiting. We look forward to seeing you at Gus’ Pretzels!